ECOI has a unique governance structure which has no hierarchy. A group of members form a ‘core group’ which is engaged in various activities and management of the Community. Decisions are taken through discussions and dialogue. The ‘core group’ may change as per their interest and role in the organisation.

Advisory Group

  1. Marco Segone
  2. P.K. Anand
  3. A.K. Shiva Kumar
  4. Ratna M Sudarshan

Core Group Members

  1. Aniruddha Brahmachari
  2. Rashmi Agrawal
  3. Shubh Kumar-Range
  4. Rajib Nandi
  5. Rituu B Nanda
  6. BVLN Rao
  7. Nabesh Bohidar
  8. R.S. Goyal
  9. Alok Shrivastava